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You’re invited to an enlightening Interactive workshop on “Inner Economy & Future Economy” with Elio D’Anna, visionary author of “The School for Gods” and founder of the European School of Economics.

Embrace the philosophy of ‘Do not desire – deserve’ as D’Anna unveils the synergy between self-mastery and economic prosperity. This is a rare opportunity to discover how you can shape the economies of tomorrow. Don’t miss the chance to redefine your approach to success and abundance.

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About the event

Inner Economy & Future Economy

Unlock the Source of True Wealth in the Forthcoming Golden Creative Leisure with Elio D’ Anna!

Alternative Media proudly presents a game-changing event specifically designed for freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who are poised to tap into the true source of wealth and prepare for the upcoming era, which Elio D’ Anna heralds as the ‘Golden Creative Leisure’.

📅 Date: 

Saturday, December 16th – A strategic date to set the stage for the new year with vision and foresight!

📍 Location:

Athens at Polis, Marinou Antypa 62 66 at Irakleio – Immerse yourself in the live experience at Polis or connect to the pulse of future economics via our live stream.

✨ The Event Offers:

An elite VIP Networking Event, tailored for independent professionals, seasoned entrepreneurs, and enterprising spirits eager to evolve and engage with the forefront of economic transformation.

A celebratory New Year Christmas Dinner accompanied by live music, providing a vibrant backdrop for sparking meaningful conversations and forming strategic alliances.

🚀 Core Session: “Inner Economy & Future Economy – DO NOT DESIRE. DESERVE”. This exclusive 4-hour workshop with Elio D’ Anna will dissect the intricacies of inner wealth and its crucial role in shaping the business landscape of tomorrow.

🌟 Orchestrated by Elina Giachali, whose expertise will steer the evening with insight and visionary perspective.

This is an invitation to those who aspire to lead in the new economic age, to encounter the fountainhead of prosperity, and to equip themselves for the Golden Age of Leisure that awaits. Be among the distinguished few to gain first-hand knowledge from the visionary Elio D’ Anna.

Don’t just chase success—become its destination. Reserve your place today and… JOIN THE EXPERIENCE!


10.00 – 14.00 (Greece Local Time) EEST — Eastern European Summer Time

Encounter the Dreamer in a 4 hour deep Workshop. Experience an outstanding encounter with Elio D’ Anna.

Optional 19.00 – 20.00 ((Greece Local Time) EEST — Eastern European Summer Time)

Health is Wealth: with Professor Cristiano Verducci Head of Wellness & Wellbeing Dept. at the European School of Economics

20.00 – 21.00 (Greece Local Time) EEST — Eastern European Summer Time)

VIP networking Event

21.00 – 00.00 (Greece Local Time) EEST — Eastern European Summer Time)

Special Festive Dinner  with Live Music

About Elio D' Anna

Writer of best sellers, Philosopher, Economist, Entrepreneur, Poet, Musician, Founder and President of the European School of Economics. Active in Writing, Public Speaking, Art and Innovative Projects and Initiatives. Visionary Businessman in various fields including Technology, Education, Hospitality, and Owner of ‘’Il Bottaccio’’, exclusive Relais et Chateaux Hotel.

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Live Streaming/Recording

  • Attend from your PC or Tablet or just watch the recording afterwards
  • Available to rewatch again for 1 Year

Attend Live Only the Workshop

  • Attend only the workshop in Person at Polis 10.00 - 14.00
  • Available to rewatch again for 1 Year

Attend Live only the VIP Networking and Dinner

  • Attend only the VIP Dinner and Networking at Polis 20.00 - 00.00
  • Available to rewatch again for 1 Year

All Included (Workshop and VIP Networking

  • Attend in person at Polis
  • Attend Health and Wealth Talk
  • VIP networking event
  • Dinner with Elio
  • Special Music Event
  • And many surprises

About Cristiano Verducci

Mentor, Consultant, Visionary leadership expert, he is a Master specialist in the original Rebound® and Breath Mastery. Author, keynote speaker, Head of Wellbeing and Sport Management dept. at the European School of Economics. Creator of the RevolutionAIR©project.

Coordinating: Elina Giachali

Elina Giachali, founder of EnElpis School, is an acclaimed leader in personal development and financial education, with over 7,000 adults coached in 13 years. Featured in Howard Fox’s book and top magazines like Madame Figaro, she’s a respected voice in educational and professional circles. 

A familiar face at Leading Minds and Money Show, Elina also supports Greek self-awareness through events like “School of the Gods” and her radio show “WellBeing is a Decision.” At EnElpis, she mentors students and leads transformative events, fostering growth and societal improvement through individual empowerment.


New York 60s Christmass Music with Tina Alexopoulou's band

Tina Alexopoulou brings to life a festive musical extravaganza, blending classic hits like ‘Life is a Cabaret’ and ‘New York, New York’ with seasonal favorites such as ‘Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’. Her repertoire spans swing and Latin to Greek classics, all performed in her versatile vocal range across eight languages. The international atmosphere is heightened by the talented tenor Yiannis Britsas, who adds his own flair to the evening’s entertainment.

VIP Christmas Dinner

Anticipate an evening of festive elegance curated by the acclaimed Chef Giorgos Triantafyllou. Each dish from his secret menu is a promise of culinary excellence, blending fresh ingredients with creative zest. His reputation guarantees a feast for the senses, where every bite is a celebration, setting the stage for a truly memorable dining experience in the spirit of the season


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